Wifi for hotels

VDWIFI: How does it work?

Offer in your establishment a quality WIFI connection that meets your customers' expectations with excellent quality and centralized management of your service.

Regardless of the number of simultaneous users, VDWIFI offers optimal navigation fluidity.

Optimized Internet speed management

We manage the arbitration between fibre and ADSL for you. We guarantee your interests in the issues of Internet connection.

Support and Maintenance

VDWIFI knows the state of the installed equipment 24 hours a day and solves potential malfunctions remotely. A secure and stable wifi installation for hotels.

Security at all times

VDWIFI complies with the legislative framework in force concerning the protection of personal data, identification and traceability of navigations.

Infrastructure with a high-performance network

VDWIFI undertakes to take charge of all investment expenses related to the implementation of the Internet network.

A single point of contact

No need to benchmark hours between the different Internet operators on the market, Victoria Digital is a partner of all ISPs. You will be able to equip your hotel with wifi and offer a quality hotspot to your guests.

Responsive design portal

VDWIFI has been designed to guarantee perfect mobility and optimal user comfort on all devices on the market (from a PC to a tablet to a mobile). It is thus detected natively from any of these media on the slightest request....